Love and Lament

For five voices a cappella


The texts in LOVE AND LAMENT are five love poems by five British poets from five different centuries: Shakespeare, Marvell, Burns, Shelley och Lawrence.

The five singers becomes a poet each, a character of their own. For instance a soft and sensible countertenor in the clothes of 19th century Shelley, a vigorous and almost haughty baritone in Marvells 17th century poem, a Lawrence bass with 20th century sensuality and yet some ironical distance…

Through centuries of love – feverish passion and sober observation, senseless dedication and calm delight – we discern a course of lamentation, the Elegy of Impossibility. ”Fate with jealous eye doth see”, ”Love how it sells poor bliss for proud despair”. Even in Burns´ uncomplicated ”My love is a red, red rose” the despair is hidden behind magnificent protestation.

The individual proclaiming from different times are successively gathered in sadness without age. Polyphonical structures are replaced by homophony, melody becomes harmony and the soloists meet – may be even literally on stage – in a tribute to, and lamentation for, love.

The title can also be apprehended as an imperative: Love and lament!