Vocuna VI

For flute


Vocuna VI ”mulinello dubbioso” from 2001 is the latest in a series of short solo pieces that Kjell Perder started in 1992, and that has so far resulted in six compositions (”Inferno lirico” for cello, ”Jerico Jerico” for trombone, ”Mare francese” for guitar, ”Lamento inglese” for viola and ”Cielo oscuro” for horn are the others).

The music is characterised by an ambition to explore the idiomatic qualities and expressive optimum of ”vocal instruments”, an attempt to expose the human voices of the instruments. . .

In each case the compositional process has emanated from a creative dialogue with top-ranking musicians. For Vocuna VI the composer has collaborated with the swedish flutist Mats Möller.

The confrontation between eruptive and fanciful gestures and a sensitive and ardent lyricism is common to each of the works in the Vocuna series, yet in a manner which should be regarded as
”more dialectic than dualistic”.

In the flute vocuna the mosaic technique is combined with a subtle metamorphosis idea that gradually reveales a simple and transparent texture.