Chamber music




XENIA (2016) for saxophone quartet.

First performance Tibble Church, Täby, Oct 2016 with Stockholm Saxophone quartet

(Commissioned by Samtida Musik, Stockholm)

(Swedish Music Information Center)


ARIOSO – MEINE HÄNDE (2015) – Rilke/G Sahlberg – for mezzosoprano and trumpet

(Swedish Music Information Center)


GAMMAL NEDERLÄNDARE (Old Dutch 2014) – Bo Bergman – for soprano, tenor, baritone and piano.

First performance Swedish Church, Paris May 2015 with Mirror Visions Ensemble

(Commissioned by Mirror Visions, USA)

(Swedish Music Information Center)


KRING VATTENRYMDEN (Around water space 2014) –Bo Bergman – for bass voice and piano.

First performance Royal College of Music Stockholm April 2014 with Erik Rosenius and Jacob Lidåkra

(Commissioned by Erik Rosenius)

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LOVED AS I AM (2013) for french horn solo.

First performance Tureberg Church May 2013 with C-H Qvarfordt

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HELINNIA (2012) for alto saxophone and violin

First performance April 2012 with Linn Persson and Helena Schuback

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ADVENTSINTRADA (2011) for brass ensemble (2 trp and 2 tbn)

First performance Gustaf Vasa Church, Stockholm Dec 2012 with Tora Thorslund quartet.

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BE MY GUEST (2011) for baritone saxophone

First performance Missionskyrkan Alingsås Sept 2012 with Erik Hagström.

(Commissioned by Erik Hagström)

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DEN SISTA SÅNGEN (2011) – “The last song” – Dan Andersson – for tenor, cello and piano.

First performance Kopparberg (Opera på Skäret) August 2011 with Alexander Niclasson, Klas Edvall and Danilo Perusina.

(Commissioned by Alexander Niclasson)

(Swedish Music Information Center)


HÖG VISA (2011) – Songs of Solomona, bible texts – for soprano, mezzosoprano and string sextet or string orchestra.

First performance Gustaf Vasa Church, Stockholm April 2012 with Hannah Holgersson, Tove Dahlberg, Stockholm String Ensemble, cond. Kim Malmquist

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VALVE’N’SLIDE (2007) for four trombones and tuba.

First performance Stockholm Concert House April 2009 with Stockholm Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Trombone and tuba-section.

(Commissioned by Concerts Sweden).

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CANTUS LINNAEI: ”Diaphonia III” (2007) for flute and guitar.

First performance Stenbrohult Church June 2007 with Mats Möller and Johannes Möller.

(Commissioned by Duo2xm) (excerpt starts after 2 min.)

Score sample

Publisher Edition Suecia (SUE 553)


WILD (2004) for voice, trombone and percussion.

First performance Atalante Gothenburg May 2005 with Lena Willemark, Niklas Brommare and Karl Frisendahl.

(Commissioned by Arts Council Sweden).

(Swedish Music Information Center)


NATTENS LÄNGTAN: ”Diaphonia II” (“Night´s longing” 2004) – B Setterlind – for soprano and violoncello (or double bass).

First performance Ersta kyrka, Stockholm, May 2004, with Hannah Holgersson and Andreas Tengberg.

(Swedish Music Information Center)



CANTO SFIDOSO: ”Diaphonia I” (2002) for guitar and organ.

First performance Loftahammar Church July 2002 with Magnus Andersson and Aron Nilsson.

(Commissioned by Magnus Andersson)

(Swedish Music Information Center)


VOCUNA VI: “Mulinello dubbioso” (2001) for flute solo.

First performance Tulesalen Stockholm November 2001 with Mats Möller.

Selected for ISCM 2005 in Croatia.

(Swedish Music Information Center)


VOCUNA V: “Cielo oscuro” (1997) for horn solo.

First performance Music museum Stockholm November 1997 with Sören Hermansson.

Selected for Nordic Music Days 2000 in Finland.

Publisher Edition Suecia (SUE 522) Recorded on Phono Suecia PSCD 113,

DOWN TO BRASS TACKS (1995) for brass quintet.

First performance at the Royal Academy of Art Stockholm, March 2004, with Stockholm Chamber Brass.

(Swedish Music Information Center)



CANTO EROTICO (1995) for baritone solo and piano

First performance Kongl Myntet Stockholm December 1995 with Olle Persson and Matti Hirvonen.

(Swedish Music Information Center)

Recorded on DAPHNECD 1014 (Grammy award nomination 2001)


VOCUNA II: “Jerico Jerico” (1995) for trombone solo

First performance Kongl Myntet Stockholm December 1995 with Ivo Nilsson.

Publisher Edition Suecia (SUE 521) Recorded on Phono Suecia PSCD 132

AMORE LONTANO (1995) for six trumpets.

First performance Ulrica Pia Church Karlskrona July 1995 with Anthony Plog and Psophiae quintet.

(Commissioned by Music in Blekinge).

(Swedish Music Information Center)


VOCUNA IV: “Lamento inglese” (1993) for viola solo.

First performance Old Harlow London England, February 1994, with P-O Lindberg.

(Swedish Music Information Center)


GLORIA LIBRIS (1993) miniature for string quartet.

First performance Royal University College of Music Stockholm October 1993 with Tämmelkvartetten.

(Commissioned by Royal University College of Music Stockholm).

(Swedish Music Information Center)


LONDON VERTIGO (1993) for piano solo.

First performance Centre Culturel Suédois Paris, France October 1993 with Matti Hirvonen.

(Swedish Music Information Center) Recorded on DAPHNECD 1012.


VOCUNA III: “Mare francese” (1993) for guitar solo.

First performance Royal College of Music Stockholm March 1993 with Anders Jallén.

(Swedish Music Information Center)


VOCUNA I: “Inferno lirico” (1992) for violoncello solo.

First performance Atalante Gothenburg November 1993 with Chrichan Larson.

(Swedish Music Information Center)


OPPOSE (1990) – W Blake for soprano, bass clarinet and piano.

First performance Liberec, Czeckoslowakia June 1992 with Aquarius trio.

(Swedish Music Information Center) Recorded on  CD dB PCD 20.


AGNI (1989) for accordion quintet.

First performance Södertälje June 1989 with Agnas Quintet.

(Commissioned by Stockholm Music Institute of Pedagogics).

(Swedish Music Information Center)


TROELL (1987) for trombone and tape.

First performance Centre Culturel Suédois Paris France, April 1989 with Ivo Nilsson.



CHAOSMOS (1981/87) mirrors for string quartet.

First performance Royal College of Music London England, February 1988 with Quartot Couleur.

Selected for ISCM 2004 in Switzerland.

(Swedish Music Information Center)


Further details about Perder’s works (duratas, publishers etc) are found on the homepage of the Swedish Music Information Centre.