libr. G Sahlberg – climate opera for voices, flutes, trumpet and percussion.

(Commissioned by Voces Nordicae, Sweden).

(Swedish Music Information Center)


PRINSESSAN ERIK (Princess Eric 2011)
libr. M Bergvall – gender opera for two voices, percussion and string quartet.

First performance Bollnäs Sweden July 2011 with Opera Ad Lib and Indra Quartet.

(Commissioned by Opera Ad Lib, Sweden).

(Swedish Music Information Center)


ATTACK (2009/2010)
for two voices, accordion and opt. double bass. First performance Stockholm September 2009 with Hannah Holgersson, Olle Persson and Anita Agnas.

(Commissioned by Arts Council Sweden).

(Swedish Music Information Center)


BRODER KAIN (“Brother Cain” 1997-2000)
libr. G Sahlberg – for 8 soloists, dancers, choir & orchestra.

(Commissioned by Stockholm Royal Opera).

(Score at Stockholm Royal Opera Library or from the composer)


BERGET (“The mountain” 1991-92)
libr. B Emland – for 3 soloists, vocal ensemble, choir & orchestra. First performance Swedish National Radio September 1994 with Erik Saedén, Jan Nilsson, Michael Bellini, Lamentabile Consort, Swedish Radio Choir and Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, cond. Jonas Dominique

(Commissioned by Swedish National Radio).

(Honourable mention in Prix Italia, radio class, 1995).

(Swedish Music Information Center)

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